Browse the internet safely: VISA 
Not all websites are safe: make sure before buying that the website is safe. On a secure web page, the data is encrypted and it is extremely difficult to access them. In this type of site, you can pay online in excellent security conditions. The easiest way to recognize a secure site is the address of the page; in the address bar of your browser: An insecure address starts with http://www .... a secure address begins with https://www ... (s, as secure). 
With this kind of payment you are 100% sure of receiving your order, and you will always have the option to recover the funds in case of not receiving your order.

Browse the internet safely: PAYPAL 

Buyers and sellers register at a web address (www.paypal) and deposit the data of their credit card. To make a purchase on a website that has the Paypal logo, click on the payment method with the Paypal logo to login into your account. In this way the seller is noticed that his payment has been received and he will send the purchased item. Opening an account in Paypal is free for the buyer, and you will be assured that your bank details will never be shared with the seller.